Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Spring Training 2012" with Jerry and American Jock Clothing at Mansion Fitness

Summer is just around the corner! 

Jerry our newest Whitey Tightie Boy knows the importance of getting ready for the beach and up coming pool parties. His favorite place to work out is at Mansion Fitness a new hip and cool private gym in West Hollywood, CA. 
Join us as Jerry takes us through his "Spring Training 2012" workout wearing American Jock Clothing available at

Jerry  buildings his quads doing leg extensions. He is wearing a Go Softwear Ribbed Tank and a pair of American Jock Clothing Spa Shorts. Both are 100% cotton to keep you cool and comfortable. Nice job Jerry!

Continuing his leg work out Jerry moves on to the leg curl machine to work his hamstrings. Work on your best "assets" Jerry!

Moving on the do some shoulder work, Jerry reminds us the importance of wearing the correct athletic support for your "boys". 

Earlier that day in the Mansion Fitness locker room...
Jerry is getting ready for his "Spring Training 2012" workout starting with an athletic supporter from Go Softwear Underwear;  the Go Softwear Underwear Vintage Jock.

Great form Jerry! Nice Shoulders and narrow waist too!!! 

Taking 5 before doing some ab work and running on the treadmill. 

Jerry keeps cool and comfortable while on the treadmill in his American Jock Clothing Ultra Running Shorts. 

Legs, shoulders, abs and cardio, wow, what a workout Jerry! You are sure to be a hit on the beach and by the pool this Summer!

In the locker room.

Getting undressed.

Time to hit the showers.

Thanks Jerry! 
We'll meet you upstairs in the Mansion Fitness Lounge. 
Enjoy your shower! 

The Mansion Fitness Lounge, warm and relaxing after a rigorous workout. Jerry changed into the American Jock Clothing Spa Hoodie and Workout Short both great for in and out of the gym.

Thanks Jerry, you have certainly inspired us to get ready for Summer!

Here are a few more shots of Jerry in American Jock Clothing- Enjoy!

American Jock Clothing Spa Hoodie available in white, grey and navy 100% cotton looped terry made in the U.S.A

American Jock Clothing Spa Lounge Pant doubles as a great lightweight workout pant too!

100% cotton made in the U.S.A. the Go Softwear Clothing Ribbed Tank Top

American Jock Clothing Jock n Short Workout Shorts have a built in jock available in grey, navy blue and black

We would like to thank Mansion Fitness, Manny S. Photography and our newest sexy, provocative, fashionable and fun Whitey Tightie Boy Jerry for a great shoot!

The Whitey Tightie Boys